Cosmetic Dentistry: The Different Types of Procedures Columbus, OH

Cosmetic Dentistry: The Different Types of Procedures

Pearly white teeth and a bright smile attract attention and with cosmetic dentistry anyone can gain access to a full set of perfectly aligned white teeth. The process of getting these teeth involves consulting with a cosmetic dentist who will then perform some minimally invasive procedures to improve your teeth color, shape, and overall appearance. Depending on your case this process may or may not include dental surgery.

There are quite a few different cosmetic procedures which include but is not limited to teeth whitening, teeth reshaping and resizing, bonding, and veneers. Also, some of these procedures may take more time than others and require multiple visits to the cosmetic dentist, but some procedures can be completed in one visit. Also, the prices associated with these procedures can range in the amount depending on the area you live in and the professional fee your dentist charges. Review the different types of cosmetic procedures below:

1.) Teeth Whitening – There are two different ways to do teeth whitening. The first way involves laser treatment. The laser treatment process includes instant results where your teeth become at least eight shades brighter. The second way is called a gel tray, and this is a gradual process in which the results will be produced after a few months. This process will cost anywhere between $400-$1000 depending on the severity of your teeth discoloration as well as the amount of shades brighter you would like to acquire.

2.) Teeth Reshaping and resizing –┬áThis cosmetic dentistry procedure is popular now mainly because of the all the benefits that can be gained from it. You can gain immediate benefits, and this includes getting a new set of teeth right after one visit. This dental procedure is cost effective and can cost as much as $300 per tooth. However, the results gained from teeth reshaping and resizing will be worth the price.

3.) Dental Bonding – The process of dental bonding relates to restoring decayed teeth and proving the patient with healthier and whiter teeth. Also, it can be used to close small gaps or to correct crooked teeth. This procedure can cost as much as $300 per tooth. However, the results are worth the cost.

4.) Dental Veneers – Veneers is another type of cosmetic procedure that allows you to change the color, shape, and size of your teeth. Dental Veneers consists of a material that is placed over the teeth and it has great benefits. This process can cost about $300, but it includes a great improved smile afterwards.

All of these cosmetic procedures come with the guarantee of great results that will be both aesthetically pleasing and improve your quality of life. With this being said, one should consider the professional cost you provide for your procedure as an investment you are making in something is will give you a positive outcome. Schedule a consult with your dentist for information about any of these cosmetic procedures.