Dental Implants: A Cost Effective Investment Columbus, OH

Dental Implants: A Cost Effective Investment

Dental Implants are different from artificial replacement teeth, and actually dental implants could be considered to be significantly better than artificial replacement teeth. This is because there is no risk of dental implants falling out unexpectedly because they are permanently implanted. Dental implants are actually acting as the threaded metal cylinders that serve as the roots of a patient’s missing teeth.

Before Dental Implants 
In order to qualify as a candidate for dental implants you need to meet some requirements.  The first would be to have one or more missing teeth, followed by the second which would be to have a jawbone that is fully grown, the third would be to have a good amount of bone to ensure that all of the implants are secure, also your oral tissues should be healthy, you shouldn’t’ have any health conditions such as diabetes or osteoporosis that can prolong bone healing, and a desire to want to improve your speech. In order to see if you do qualify for dental implants you should schedule a consult with your doctor.

Dental Implants Average Cost
When a person is considering dental implant surgery almost always one of their main concerns will be related to the cost of dental implants. When it comes to this it should be noted that the average cost of dental implants is lower than the cost of similar procedures. The dental implant cost varies and is based on quite a few different factors. For example, if you have insurance for instance then the cost of dental implants will be lower than if you didn’t have insurance. Also, if you have pre-existing dental conditions such as rotting teeth or inflamed gums then the cost of dental implants will be higher. This is because of all of the work that will need to be done prior to the surgery in order to prepare for the dental implants.

What to Expect After the Surgery
When it comes to what is to be expected after surgery there are a few things you should anticipate. The first would be that some people can go home and get right back to work as well as to all their day to day activities. However, this depends on your overall pain tolerance as well as how well you can handle pain. Essentially, your pain tolerance would determine if you need rest before you can become active again.

There are only a few risks as well as downsides to dental implant surgery and the only real risks that you should be concerned about will be directly related to: infection at site of the implant, injury or damage to surrounding areas such as other teeth and blood vessels, nerve damage, as well as sinus problems. It should also be noted that these are all extremely rare circumstances that most likely will not occur. Reach out to your dentist to set up a consultation and for further information about dental implant surgery.