Full Mouth Reconstruction Columbus, OH

Restore Oral Function with Comprehensive Full Mouth Reconstruction

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No Matter Your Symptoms, You Can Recapture a Healthy, Functional Smile

Do you have several areas in your mouth that need dental treatment? Concerns like broken teeth or fillings, missing teeth, or bite misalignment? No matter how extensive your treatment needs are, there is hope for your smile, jaw function and oral health! Runion Dental Group offers full mouth reconstruction solutions to help you overcome your dental concerns and enjoy the high-quality living you deserve. Full mouth reconstruction is a group of procedures designed to meet your specific needs and functional goals. This comprehensive process delivers stunning results and can allow you to use your jaw in a natural and operable way.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Columbus, OH

“With a full mouth reconstruction we design a new smile for our patients. We fix their aesthetic concerns and their function concerns as well.”
Jessica Runion DDS

We Offer Comprehensive Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures

Each treatment plan is unique depending on your needs, and may take place over the course of a few weeks to several months or years. Our talented team of doctors specialize in different areas of dentistry, offering collaborative treatment planning. Dr. Jon Runion alone has extensive training in complex dental rehabilitation and esthetic dentistry. Our use of advanced technology ensures you experience greater comfort and reduced recovery time. Sedation can also be incorporated into your care for the ultimate in comfort and anxiety-free dentistry.

Full mouth reconstruction may include one or more of the following:

Dental crowns: Full coverage restorations that rebuild broken, worn or decayed teeth.

Root canals: Treat infected teeth by removing the pulp and strengthening tooth structure with a special filling material.

Tooth extractions: Remove hopeless and severely damaged or decayed teeth to improve oral health.

Gum disease treatment: Treats infected gum tissues through non-surgical scaling and root planing or laser gum surgery.

Dental implants: Effective tooth replacement closely mimicking natural teeth.

Orthodontics: Correct tooth misalignment through traditional braces or Invisalign®.

Take Back Your Life With the Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction offers many benefits. It effectively restores function, health and esthetics to your smile. Functional problems like broken or worn teeth, missing teeth and a collapsed bite are resolved. Oral health is restored by treating infected teeth, infected gums and tooth decay, or removing hopeless teeth. And through orthodontics , we can improve your bite, making teeth maintenance easier and give your smile a straight, healthy appearance. Most of all, you enjoy greater self-confidence, high-quality living and the smile of a lifetime!

Full Mouth Reconstruction Columbus, OH

The Proof is in Our Patients

Full Mouth Reconstruction Columbus, OH
Debbie's Experience With Full Mouth Reconstruction

Our experienced team is ready to help you take back your smile! Call today for your full mouth reconstruction consultation.

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