Dental Implants Are a Better Tooth Replacement Option Than Dentures Columbus, OH

Dental Implants Are a Better Tooth Replacement Option Than Dentures

Anyone who has lost teeth due to gum disease, trauma or poor dental care needs to fill in the gaps promptly. Anyone who has lost most of their teeth should look into full arch dental implants. Instead of getting an implant for each individual tooth, you can simply get four implants inserted into the jawbone while the prosthesis goes on top. There are many advantages this procedure has over traditional dentures, and Dr. Jon Runion at Beecher Crossing Dental Group can go over the pros and cons of each with you.

Implants Are Better for Your Oral Health in the Long-Term

The thing that makes dental implants healthy is that they provide the jawbone with stimulation. Your teeth’s roots would normally provide this stimulation, which prevents the body from resorbing the tissue back into the body. Dentures do not provide this effect, so your jawbone will deteriorate over time. Your face will become sunken. Implants allow you to retain a more youthful aesthetic.

Implants Are Easier To Take Care Of

With implants, you maintain them the same way you would regular teeth. You only need to brush and floss every day. With dentures, you need to remove them at night, clean them and soak them in a specialized solution. You need to rinse the dentures before you put them back in your mouth.

Implants Have Greater Long-Term Value

Dental implants generally last between 40 and 50 years. They last longer if you maintain them properly. On the other hand, dentures last anywhere between five and seven years. When determining the overall cost over your lifespan, you should take this into account.

Get Implants Here

Our dentist in Gahanna, OH can provide you with full arch dental implants. Contact us to set up an appointment if you think implants are a good fit for you. We provide comprehensive dental care to keep you healthy for life.