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Worn, Fractured or Sore Teeth Are Often Caused by an Improper Bite

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Does Your Bite Feel Uneven? An Occlusal Imbalance May Be to Blame.

Has your bite changed? Do your teeth feel uneven when you bite down? These are common signs of imbalanced occlusion, or improper tooth alignment. Occlusion is described as the relationship between your upper and lower teeth when you bite together. When aligned, the chewing surfaces of your upper teeth fit evenly into those on the lower arch. An uneven bite can cause a number of symptoms and subsequent oral health problems. At Runion Dental Group, we offer a simple, easy procedure known as occlusal adjustment that relieves your symptoms and eliminates uneven biting surfaces.

What Are Signs and Symptoms of an Uneven Bite?

Symptoms of improper occlusion often go beyond your mouth. Effects can be felt in the head, neck and upper back, and lead to chronic pain and discomfort without treatment. If you experience one or more or the following signs or symptoms, contact us for an occlusal evaluation.

Signs and symptoms of bite misalignment:

• Flattening of biting and chewing edges
• Fractured teeth
• Cracked teeth
• Tooth pain or sensitivity
• Uneven restorations
• Jaw/TMJ pain
• Popping, grinding or clicking noises
• Inability to fully bite down
• Biting on one side before the other
• Chronic headaches or earaches
• Head, neck, shoulder and upper back pain

Easy Occlusal Adjustment Brings Harmony to Your Health and Smile

Occlusion Columbus, OH

Restoring your bite is important to your overall oral health and comfort. Leaving occlusion imbalanced invites problems like damaged teeth, failing restorations, gum recession and TMJ problems, among others. Our doctors effectively restore harmony to the bite through an occlusal adjustment. This simple procedure gently reduces high points on the chewing surfaces until the bite is even and comfortable. Occlusal adjustment is quick, painless and performed without the need for anesthetic. Advanced cases of bite misalignment may require help from orthodontic treatment.

Does your bite feel off? Call today, and let our team restore health and harmony to your smile!

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